Pink Rose Press-on Nails
Pink Rose Press-on Nails
Pink Rose Press-on Nails

Pink Rose Press-on Nails

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Directions: How to put the Nails on:

1. Cut your own nails short

2. Clean your own nails, make sure they are free of any water, dirt or grease

3. Pick out the right size of nail piece that fits the width of your nail, line up the bottom of the nail piece with the base of your own nail at 45 degree angle. Then start from the base of the nail, press the nail piece on securely. Repeat until all ten nails are on securely.

4. Give each nail a few more presses to squeeze out any air bubbles, so the nails will stay on more securely

5. Do not touch water within 30 minutes of putting the nails on

How to take off nails:

1. Use the soft pat of your thumb to push the nail piece forward until it starts to loosen, then get hold of the top end of the nail piece and lift it up slightly then gently pull it off.

2. If the nail doesn’t come off easily, try to push the nail piece back and forward a few times to loosen the glue, then gently pull it off.

3. Once the nail pieces are off, put them back into the box ready to be used next time. It would be a good idea to put the five that fits your fingers in the top tier, so it will be easier to pick out the ones that fit next time.


How to apply the Glue Reviver:

1. Pick out the nail pieces with the glue on the back that are not as tacky as you would like.

2. squeeze out a small drop of the reviver onto the existing glue on the back of nail piece and spread out to a thin layer. Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes until the glue becomes completely transparent again.

3. Repeat this process after every 2-3 uses.